Uncovering Your Real Self

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Uncovering Your Real Self

Finding Your Own North Star, Martha Beck,
This is an amazing self help book that is recommended for anyone who wants practical, down to earth guidance on how to find your way back to your essential self. This is the closest thing we have found to a “best friend” in book form.

The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron, G.P Putnam, New York, 1992
Another classic self help book – this is a twelve step program for “recovering creatives”.

Writing Down The Bones, Nathalie Goldberg, Shambhala, 1986
Technically, this is book for people who want to write, however it is also a brilliant book for people who want to journal and to draw from their life experiences and express themselves. It’s comforting, and fun.

Journal to the Self, Kathleen Adams, Warner Books, 1990.
We just discovered this book, and find it to be full of great journalling exercises that we will definitely be using for some of the journalling workshops coming up this year.

Creative Process in Gestalt Therapy, Joseph Zinker, Random House, 1977
This book explains Gestalt theory and the Gestalt approach to experiments- starting where you are at, experiencing it fully, trying something different. The heart of Gestalt therapy is freshness, aliveness and playfulness,which is why this approach is so central to the philosophy of Essential Selves. It is not a self help book, but it is an engaging read for anyone interested in learning more about Gestalt therapy.